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Ilios Continues to Expand Into New Markets with Sale in Puerto Rico

WALTHAM, Mass., May 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Ilios Dynamics Inc., a subsidiary of Tecogen® Inc. (NASDAQ: TGEN) today announced the sale of an Ilios HEWH-500-WS and an Ilios HEWH-500-AS; water-source and air-source gas engine-driven heat pumps, respectively.

The Ilios units, sold to Cogen RightFit, will be installed at two major multinational pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. Cogen RightFit, LLC is a joint venture between ESCOPR, one of Puerto Rico's premier energy conservation providers and Tropigas Puerto Rico, one of the largest LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) suppliers on the island.

"We are very excited to be working together with Cogen RightFit," said Stephen Lafaille, Ilios Product Manager. "ESCOPR has a great reputation on the island for providing engineered efficiency solutions and Tropigas is a major LPG supplier delivering competitive fuel pricing for customers – it's truly a winning combination. The energy costs are very high in Puerto Rico and the Ilios products deliver an immediate impact on the bottom line with minimal capital investment; a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and reduced pollutant emissions with Tecogen's patented Ultra™ after-treatment system."

"The sale of these Ilios units is just the beginning for us in Puerto Rico, said Jorge Hernandez, President of ESCOPR and Partner of Cogen RightFit, LLC. We are interested in not only the Ilios heat pumps but also all of Tecogen's packaged CHP products such as cogeneration modules and large gas-engine driven chillers. There is an incredible customer base here in Puerto Rico with many manufacturing and industrial clients, almost all of which have massive needs for process heating, cooling, and electricity, and often times all three simultaneously. These products will also be a great fit in the resort and hospitality sector which are increasingly becoming aware of their energy use and are looking to make energy reductions to improve their bottom line as well as their sustainable image."

"We see highly efficient, packaged CHP products such as the Ilios heat pump as an opportunity to sustainably grow our LPG business and continue to offset heavy fuel oils which unfortunately are still used in many industrial facilities on the island. These products will not only help convert our clients to clean burning LPG but they will do it in a way that saves them energy and reduces the carbon impact of their facility," said Humberto Berrios, President of Tropigas Puerto Rico and Cogen RightFit partner.

About Ilios Dynamics
Ilios Dynamics Inc., a subsidiary of Tecogen Inc., was formed in April 2009 to develop and distribute a line of ultra high-efficiency heating products for commercial and industrial applications utilizing advanced thermodynamic principles. Products incorporate mechanical work to extract heat from the environment to supplement chemical energy available from natural gas or propane. The result is a significant boost in efficiency and reduced carbon emissions relative to conventional heating systems. Please visit  

About Cogen RightFit, LLC.
Cogen RightFit LLC. is a joint venture between ESCOPR and Tropigas Puerto Rico. By combining the engineering expertise of ESCOPR with the fuel supply expertise of Tropigas Puerto Rico, Cogen RightFit can provide unmatched combined heat and power "CHP" solutions at the best price and lock in a long term sustainable operating cost structure for their clients.

ESCOPR has been serving Puerto Rico and the Caribbean for over 10 years providing complete engineering solutions for energy & water conservation projects for a long list of multi-national industrial and commercial clients. For more information, please visit

About Tropigas Puerto Rico
Tropigas of Puerto Rico is Puerto Rico's leading LPG supplier and has been serving the island for over 50 years. They are the leader in the industrial and commercial market segment and have been the driving force in many of the islands major industrial oil-to-LPG conversions. For more information, please visit

About Tecogen
Tecogen manufactures, installs, and maintains high efficiency, ultra-clean combined heat and power products including natural gas engine-driven cogeneration, air conditioning systems, and high-efficiency water heaters for residential, commercial, recreational and industrial use. The company is known for cost efficient, environmentally friendly and reliable products for energy production that, through patented technology, nearly eliminate criteria pollutants and significantly reduce a building's carbon footprint. 

In business for over 20 years, Tecogen has shipped more than 2,000 units, supported by an established network of engineering, sales, and service personnel across the United States. For more information, please visit

Tecogen Media Contact Information:
David Garrison
P: 781-466-6403

Tecogen Investor Contact Information:
John N. Hatsopoulos
P: 781-622-1120

SOURCE Ilios Dynamics Inc.

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